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From oriental carpets from the east to iPhone from the west, today everything is sold and bought online. With almost 50% consumers indulging in online shopping all around the world, it’s mandatory for sellers to have a comprehensive online presence with strong multi-tasking skills and vigilance.

Personalise Assistant

At the EMMCOMM level, A team of Acquisition Associate, relationship executive relationship executive and seller support executive will follow, manage and update merchant’s marketplace on continuous basis. This team will give valuable suggestions and feedbacks to merchant and will do necessary updation required on basis of their market research done on specific e commerce platform. B2B business interactions are greatly facilitated by the continuous and efficient connection between the seller and buyer. For instance, the possibility to place orders, monitor their execution and the automated management of the supply chain support is important part of an efficient management of business interactions between remote service providers and merchant. Moreover, these reduce shipping and delivery time and also returns.

Virtual Assistant

We at EMMCOMM understand that virtual assistance is indispensable in the e-commerce business, and however amazing and user-friendly a product is, it can only thrive if you sell it right on the online storefront. Whether it’s Amazon, FlipKart, PayTm or eBay, we provide one solution to all your online selling needs, we take a target-oriented approach to manage the visibility and sale of your product and to make it competitive in the online marketplace.

Our virtual assistance services are specifically designed to help you to get maximum exposure on the online portals. We have excelled in e-commerce marketing so that you can devote your precious time on betterment of product only. With a fruitful partnership with EMMCOMM you can focus on your offline sales and forget the rest.

Our exclusive expertise in the e-commerce business makes us the right choice when you want to start selling on online marketplaces and not just a passive audience.

At EMMCOMM, Our Endeavor Is To Keep The Sellers Carefree About Your Account. Our Beneficial Services Include

  • Creation and maintenance of a well-organized database and inventory of your products
  • Everyday account operations for urgent needs
  • Surpassing marketplace performance targets
  • Round the clock support and consultation
  • Quick resolution of returns and claims
  • Building your brand in the market place by maintaining a reputed name

We Also Ensure Top-Notch Account Health Management Through

  • Dispute resolution ensuring reduction in A-Z claims
  • Customer communication and order history
  • Maintenance of account by keeping track of order defect rate, cancellation rate, late dispatch rate, policy violation, and contact response rate
  • Making seller aware of policy violations
  • Order management - creating shipment labels, packaging lists, confirmation or cancellation of order, etc.
  • Maintaining positive customer feedback and ensuring hassle-free refund and returns

Can Your Account Get Suspended?

Amazon’s new scrutiny system dictates that if the number of dislikes on your performance increases by 25%, your account will be endangered. But we at EMMCOMM utilize our sales and promotion expertise to get you maximum yes when a user is asked whether your services were useful or not.

For this, we strategize and work successfully on inputs provided by e commerce portals to introduce lightning deals, by improving listing quality for well announced sales, providing inputs on selection expansion and much more. More happy customers for you means more business online.

Through our Sales Boost Services, we help you remain successful in the competitive online marketplace. After the initiation of your account, we manage your inventory, consumer claim, brand name, product pricing etc. Our Complete Sales Boost Package for Amazon and other marketplaces targets the eligible customers and also gives a push to the fence sitters to buy your product. Take a look at our detailed list of services:

Boost the health of your marketplace

  • Account Health
  • Buyer seller communication
  • A to Z Guarantee claims
  • Price and quantity updates
  • Order processing on a daily basis
  • FBA registration
  • Brand registration
  • Manage Manual tasks
  • Festive planning
  • Promotion planning
  • Deals-n-Promotions - Attract customers with great promotions
  • Lightening Deals
  • Strategic insights for continuous growth
  • Negative feedback Removal
  • Raising Dispute for Damage Product
  • Complete Payment Details

By using our beneficial account management services instead of managing multiple marketplaces on your own, you can focus on business expansion and leave the rest to us.

Put your business on hands free. Reach out to EMMCOMM now!

Listing & Cataloguing

A perfectly designed catalogue systemizes the content in such a manner that the consumer is attracted to spend some quality time on the webpage. This boosts the selling probability of the products exponentially.

In the e-commerce world, listing and cataloguing is an indispensable part of an e-retailer’s business needs.

At EMMCOMM, we assist online storefronts with integrating the product data with attributes, proper classification and categorization along with shipping policies, warranty information and manufacturing details to assure the buyer a quality product. With unwavering IT infrastructure and trained professionals, we give you a faster and an effective listing via multiple mechanisms such as listing loader, flat file formats etc.

Our Cataloging and Listing Services Ensure

  • Thoughtful and evolved titles
  • Appropriate category selection
  • Adding keywords to your listing to help customers find your products on Amazon
  • Product highlights according to the seasonal needs
  • Customer response through accurate and inviting description and arrangement of calculated prices
  • E-commerce data entry facility
  • Catalog building and indexing services
  • Content management for cataloging
  • Virtual back-office support
  • Catalog conversion services
  • Multilingual catalog processing services

By choosing us, you’ll be choosing the best-in-industry e-commerce marketing experts to process and develop your catalog. EMMCOMM is a leading partner with e-commerce marketplaces i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, PayTm, Shopclues, eBay, Jabong, Myntra, TATA Cliq and PepperFry with keen understanding of the B2C business model. We make sure that you to ride the wave of e-commerce business without any stress of management and cataloging of your products or inventory.

Image Editing

In the ever-developing world of e-commerce, the fact that a buyer can't touch, feel or see the real product calls for fabulous images to describe the product with utmost accuracy and focus on user-friendly features.

We at EMMCOMM clearly understand online imaging requirements and carefully choose & enhance your product pictures to make a positive impact on your online sales. As the product is available only virtually, online retail websites rely heavily on images to provide visual information about the product to potential buyers. Online marketing needs images in the form of banners and headings to advertise products, schemes and offers.

Apart from this, there are other important places in the website where images are necessary, like thumbnails and quick view images. Most of the e-commerce websites also have the hover zoom feature where at least three images from different angles are necessary for customer satisfaction as only powerful images pull out the money from consumers’ pockets. To design all these images in various sizes is a time taking process and needs expert level image editing on software like CoralDraw and Photoshop.

While you may not have time to perfectly edit each picture individually, our team of image editing experts will guarantee you high-quality and well optimized images. Our services include: Colour correction, background enhancement, image resizing, image masking and image clipping to provide your customers a virtual treat online.

Category Un-Gating

EMMCOMM helps to sellers get un-gated in the restricted categories as early as possible with the necessary documentation, questionnaires, flat files, product pictures and preparation, invoices, website, etc.

Our network of professional service providers can help you to un-gating your category on e-commerce platform, if for whatever reason you're not approved throughout the first application we'll teach you how to ask re consent to the classes’ pictures, etc. So you're not denied again.

Required Documents for category un-gating:

  • Basic Business Information
  • GST Number
  • Invoice – 45 Days before
  • Flat File
  • Product Images – as per guidelines
  • Authorization Letter
  • FSSAI certificate (For food related products)

Brand Registary

Brand Registering is an essential component for building name recognition that is growing as a brand.

EMMCOMM helps sellers to get Brand Registry Approval quickly for your products. We are leading in brand registry and helping businesses and individuals to protect and grow their brands with e-commerce platforms.

Required Documents Amazon Brand Registry:

  • Basic Business Information
  • Brand Name
  • Website
  • Authorization Letter on Letter Head
  • Trade Mark Certificate (with R)


  • Brand Name on Product Image
  • Brand Name on Product Package

If seller is sole distributor

  • Authorization Letter on company letter head
  • Authorization Letter on company letter head

If seller is manufacturer

  • Declaration Letter on company letter head

Account Management

We understand that account management is the backbone of the e-commerce business, and however amazing and user-friendly a product is, it can only thrive if you sell it right on the online storefront. Whether it’s Amazon or Flipkart, we provide one solution to all your online selling needs, we take a target-oriented approach to manage the sale of your product and to make it competitive in the online marketplace.

Our account management services are specifically designed to help you to get maximum exposure on the online portals. We have excelled in e-commerce marketing so that you can devote your precious time on betterment of product only. With a fruitful partnership with EMMCOMM you can focus on sales and forget the rest.

Our exclusive expertise in the e-commerce business makes us the right choice when you want to start selling on Amazon and Flipkart and not just a passive audience.


Text Required.

Promotion of listing

Despite the fact that Ecommerce sales are rising day by day, many retailers find it difficult to make profit as they can't target the ready-to-buy audience effectively. In today’s highly competitive world, the secret to success is no longer to get it out there and see how it performs. Smart retailers dole out their products strategically to grab potential customers online.

Sorry to break this news to you, online sellers, but the scenario on Indian online marketplaces isn't the same as it was a decade ago. It’s now crowded with many sellers, selling appealing products in the same category. So what can you do to stand out from the competition? Is it discounts? May be. But everyone is offering them. Then how about cash on delivery? But again every dealer is stepping up the game by providing that as well. What you're looking at is an online market space thriving and breaking whatever limits economists thought markets were confined with. Your product is like a needle in a haystack. What you need as a seller is sponsored ads.

Our exclusive expertise in the e-commerce business makes us the right choice when you want to start selling on Amazon and Flipkart and not just a passive audience.

What Are Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored ads follow the same principles as regular advertisements do. They are a form of promotion, but specific to the internet. Sponsored ads can be placed on Facebook, Google and even on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart to increase discover ability of products. As the number of sellers in every category is increasing exponentially, it’s important to be specific and targeted when it comes to sponsored ads because only then you’ll be able to pull the desirable sales.

How Sponsored Ads Work?

Whether it’s Flipkart's Product Listing Ads or Amazon Sponsored Ads, the charging model is always in favour of the seller. The impressions are free of cost and the seller will be charged only for the clicks made on the ads. Sponsored ads assist sellers to target customers based on keyword searches. For example, if a person searches for a pair of jeans and clicks on a Wrangler ad that showed up on Google, Wrangler has control on where it wants to take the customer, whether to the brand’s website or to an Amazon or Flipkart page. Sellers are provided with the number of impressions and Click to Rate (CTR). The marketplaces also build keywords which leads to discover ability of the sponsored search ads whenever a customer searches the keywords a seller is bidding on. All ads are reviewed by Ad Policing as per program policies before they go live. Another way to reach the right customers is through display ads.

Display Ads

Display ads campaigns are part of the cost-effective digital advertising solutions. Without burning a hole in your pocket, these campaigns help improve the brand and product image simultaneously. Generally, small and medium scale sellers opt for display ads as they create a ripple in the market without forcing you to risk all the money on advertising. These are also called banner ads and are available for both self-serve and account managed sellers. These ads can be created easily either by uploading your own creative or using website services such as Amazon Ad builder. The landing page could be a brand store, a detail page, search results, or any other customized link. With a right strategy and managed CTR, display or banner ads could do wonders for you.

Automatic Campaign Vs. Manual Campaign

Automatic Campaign

With automatic targeting, Amazon targets ads to all relevant customer searches based on your product information. These campaigns are useful to make a database of customers to be targeted later in more specific manual campaigns. If a customer prefers only manual campaign, they can lose on important keyword inputs provided by Sponsored Ads services. It is always healthy to reach out to more people with relevant interests.

Manual Campaign

In manual targeting, the sellers manually set keywords for sponsored products ad campaigns. This is a more specific targeting where different match types are used with different bids to own the buy box. Otherwise, all the budget will be burned by keywords at high bid. For example, a negation in the phrase searched online by a customer can prevent your ad from popping up, making the whole process more relevant and tightly knitted for accurate lead conversions. Also, this ensures that you are not wasting your bids on low-value keywords which can result into lower click through rate (CTR) and subsequently to ad spend wastage.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of digital advertising experts will help you through the twists and turns of sponsored ads. Apart from the technical knowledge which every firm has about online marketplaces, what makes us different is the local knowledge of area topography and the identification of potential customers. We never let you lose money on clicks that don’t come from the desired audience. While you concentrate on the quality and availability of your products, on the back end EMMCOMM will build your brand by:

  • Organizing campaigns into targeted ad groups by products, keywords and description to ensure relevant clicks at optimal cost
  • Suggesting bids for Page 1 placement to ensure higher impressions, clicks and sales
  • Adding keywords relevant to the product and removing keywords with spend but no sales

Our Team Of Experts Will Get You:

  • SEO points - Your products will be at the right place and at the right time
  • A seller specific metrics to assure the most economical way for best branding at online marketplaces. The stats will include: impressions, clicks, spend, sales and conversions
  • Optimized selling: We help you to optimize your promotion campaign by not targeting the whole online audience, but just the customers who type the keywords
  • Maximum exposure by ensuring best management of website sponsored ad services
  • Maximum customer engagement by customizing your ad campaign


  • An active seller account in good standing
  • Product listings in one or more of the available categories. Products must be new. Used products are not eligible for Sponsored Products
  • Listings which are eligible for the Buy Box


  • Boost Product Visibility
  • Impact Buy Box traffic positively
  • Sale aged inventory and liquidate it faster
  • Display unique offers
  • Increase discoverability for clearance items and seasonal promotions


  • CPC based Pricing
  • Free impressions
  • You pay for clicks, not impressions
  • Auction based pricing model
  • Post pay Service


Digital Marketing

Shopping methods have changed enormously with the advent of cyber science and technology. Now when people order most of the things through laptops and smartphones, how to make your product discoverable and favourite is the real competition in the rampant virtual markets.

We at EMMCOMM provide you the best e-commerce platform to ensure uninterrupted digital marketing services in sync with your product and services.

The umbrella of our digital marketing services includes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In today’s competitive arena, when approximately 73% online experiences originate through search engines, SEO is a thing of utmost importance. A decade back, to stuff a webpage with keywords and make it appear on the top of the search results was considered well managed SEO.

But now the scenario has changed, search engines have evolved themselves to be efficient and intelligent. They analyze content, links, graphics, demography etc. to rank websites in accordance to their relevance to the customers. The need of the hour is a proper command over keywords along with a well thought campaign. With EMMCOMM, you will have an expert level SEO team with you to deal with every kind of scenario online to produce maximum leads.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The philosophy behind SEM is quite simple: when a customer is searching for a particular product or service online, they are in the “hunt mode” meaning they are in the beginning, middle, or end stages of the buying cycle. So, every instance when a consumer types the keyword you bid on is an opportunity to build your brand by either making sales or by providing quality information. Online marketing can help your business big time to achieve this end.

Our ultimate goal is to get your website conversions from online customers by making you omnipresent on famous search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo through our pay-per-click ad management service.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Today if you’re not trending online, you don’t exist. According to the new reports, Generation X and Y, specially millennials spend more than 50% of their time online on social media platforms. It is their comfort zone in today’s digital world as they rely on a lot of information they exchange and share on social media.

We at EMMCOMM understand that this is the most appealing way to approach the customers as they consider ads on social media as organic material just like any other news feed by their friends online. For example, Facebook ads seem no different from the normal feed on the wall. To optimize social media opportunities to attract the customers we have studied all forms of advertisements and placements to provide your business the maximum exposure.

Content Marketing(SMO)

In the world of e-commerce marketing, content is the hailed king to attract traffic towards your website and products. With fresh and refreshing content which not only informs the customers but also involves them to make a purchase is our priority. We provide high-quality content that builds a great foundation for your online branding as it connects all areas of marketing through paper trails of keywords and descriptions.


We have done a close study of the online human behavior for shopping and have found out that the people who've previously visited your website will also visit other websites on the same Display Network. Our remarketing services through online advertisements will allow your products to make an impact on the searchers’ mind by appearing again and again in front of them and will help them in taking the decision to wrap up the hunt and make a purchase.

Email Marketing(SMO)

Generally, people think that email marketing is the thing of bygone days when social media was not so popular and is not important anymore. But what they are enable to understand is that however old this method of marketing is, it makes much more impact by approaching the customer personally. Even an ad in the email looks organic as if it is coming from a known person who cares about you.

EMMCOMM helps you to optimize this personal form of marketing by making your potential customers aware about your products and offers through creative emails which incite eagerness in the audience.

Online Reputation Management

Our work culture at EMMCOMM is 100% client oriented and hence we not only help you with the sale of your products and services but also build your brand by creating and enhancing your image online for a loyal customer base. This is achieved through multichannel online reputation management services in which regular posts and responds are maintained to create awareness among the masses.

Affiliate Marketing

When we take charge of managing your affiliates, setting up links and arranging new promotions is no more a headache for you. We have analyzed the online arrangements upside down and can guarantee you best organic leads through third party presence.

All kinds of marketers can get benefitted through a dialogue with a searcher. But when they need you the most and are on a hunt for the services and products you provide yet you are missing out due to your absence on the search engine results can cost you millions in revenue. Also keep in mind that if you are present everywhere without relevance, there will be loss of revenue through useless clicks on your ads.

The best way is to let the experts do what they do the best and in the e-commerce marketing that expert is EMMCOMM.

Inventory & Sale Management

Generally, retailers use basic order management features incorporated into their eCommerce platform which might run out of the fuel in case of aggravated order complexity or sudden spike during holiday or sale season. Hence, it becomes quite essential for retailers to understand the importance of an advanced order management system that can support the complexities of eCommerce retail environment. For example, a retailer who has recently commenced operations might like to choose a lighter version of eCommerce order management software in comparison to a global retailer that maintains a phenomenal inventory size and transact with thousands of customers in a single day. At this level, only an agile Order Management System can sustain the business effectively, and efficiently. In simple words, eCommerce retail operations without an impressive Order Management System in place becomes a discouraging and unproductive exercise.

At Emmcomm we try to cut down errors, boost efficiency and enhance the overall customer experience. But, before we start explaining the ways to improve your process, make sure that your business is seamlessly integrated. These integrated components include: Point of Sale (POS) solution, Order Management System, Customer care department, Inventory management system, Warehouse Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning system, and Order Fulfillment solutions (shipping, third-party logistics, in-store logistics).

Revamp your Order processing and delivering strategy

  • Start by automating your most straightforward
  • Tasks like sending notifications to your customers, printing labels and invoices etc. All these can be managed by your order management system saving your employees time.

  • Speed up your pick and pack process
  • An advanced Order Management System also includes inventory management and product management tools that simplify the said process. The tools help in locating the exact position of the item in the warehouse, issuing gate pass and updating inventory in real-time in Order Management Software. Once the item is out of inventory, the packing department uses the information from the software about its weight and proportions and packs it in the appropriate trunks.

  • Ship packed items through integrated partners
  • As your Order management system is integrated with the logistics companies, you can quickly choose the high rated partners and send to customers via them. The software helps you as well as the customers to track shipments in real-time.

    Build an organized and managed inventory

  • Be sure that your order management system is updating the inventory in real-time
  • Mismanaging an inventory can get your customer experience in trouble. An out-of-stock item being displayed as available might ruin your shoppers experience leading to wrong order placements and ultimately refunds. Proper integrations with the point-of-sale system, warehouse management system, marketplaces etc. can help you manage up-to-date inventory and foster a superior sales strategy.

  • Unleash your best fulfillment strategy
  • An order management system has the capability to seamlessly integrate with order fulfillment software making it easy for retailers to provide options such as pay online and pick from stores, express delivery or same day delivery. This can only be possible if you are able to view your complete inventory across all sales channels and provide your customers with all possible fulfillment solutions.

  • Use forecasting and analytics tools to the best way possible
  • These tools help you identify your future or maybe immediate future sales in case you are planning to offer something exclusive to your customers in the festive or holiday season. The order management software takes control of the complete stock and sends timely alerts to retailers about stock soon getting empty.

    Manage multiple marketplaces effectively and efficiently

  • Ensure efficient response to marketplace changes
  • The benefits of an eCommerce order management system are significant. A Centralized order management offers greater efficiency in managing orders across the enterprise. With the help of an order management software, retailers can ensure faster and more efficient responsiveness to customer demands and marketplace changes.

  • Update pricing strategy based on competition analysis
  • With the help of repricing tools, you can update pricing in real-time on different marketplaces like Amazon. This will help you to maintain consistency of your products price on various marketplaces along with consistency in the brand.

Shipping Management

Text coming soon...

Review & Feedback Management

Text coming soon...

Return Management

Text coming soon...

Payment Management

Text coming soon...

Cross-Border e-commerce

Internet has changed the way we look at our world. The virtual reality has transcended national and international boundaries to give birth to a global village, where one can buy or sell, products and services from anywhere at any time.

Cross-border ecommerce or International ecommerce refers to the trade that happens across the national borders. In other words, if merchants sell their products to buyers of different jurisdictions on the globe, the transactions are termed as cross-border selling.

Earlier it was not convenient to “sell anywhere” as the legal, technical and logistics constrictions bogged the services down across different divides. Apart from this, the taxes levied by different governments made it too expensive to order anything from a different jurisdiction.

But things have changed since. Through the advancement of technology, especially the smartphones, it’s easier now to be a global seller. Merchants can increase their profits by reaching out to the world with a simple click or touch.

Shopify, the Canada-based ecommerce giant wants to double its stores in India in the next few years as it sees the country as a major exporter of goods to the world. The aim is to truly expand the target markets for sellers beyond the limits of locality and nationality.

Advantages of Selling Products Internationally

As the term suggests, international selling expands the reach of the sellers and merchants exponentially around the globe. It’s the perfect example of a free market globalisation dreamt of where merchants are free to sell their products to anyone and are thoroughly driven by competition rather than governmental rules and regulations.

A strategic and prudent seller can recognize opportunities to sell their products in new markets that they weren’t aware of. And considering the global population one can envision that to find a market for a useful product will be comparatively easier.

Challenges of Cross-Border Business

Now, cross-border e-commerce is easier said than done for the sellers. There are several hurdles once the products cross the real-world borders. First of all, it is tough to understand laws of various jurisdiction around the globe to complete the transactions. Secondly, constant issues of language and currency exchange might bring down the seller’s morale to go global. Thirdly, the taxes levied, and the logistical charges may make it more difficult to understand exactly how to bag the profit of such a big platform.

At EMMCOMM, we offer you an easy way out of these issues. We are an ecommerce expert agency and can help you grow throughout the world. Our team of experts will find you newer and relevant markets in accordance with your product(s) so you can focus on enhancing them for your growing customers.

EMMCOMM Global Advantage

At EMMCOMM, we know best how to adapt according to the new conditions of the new markets. While you keep your eyes on expanding your business globally, we will manage the turf locally in every market for you to reap the benefits.

We understand that a model that worked successfully in one region may not perform as well in another, and so we make regional repeatable plans to roll out your products in the targeted market. The plan should address the local partnership you will need for a successful launch of your product. Also, it should inform us about the customer preferences to repeat the process.

We help you adapt your content to a new market through our offshore staff capable of translating your message using excellent grammar and language that resonates with shoppers in that market. You don’t want your product to fail just because your translation failed.

The next thing on our agenda is to ensure that your product(s) have a justifiable rate and also must cover the local taxes imposed on the item. Taxes on ecommerce operations can be a complex issue, including the local nexus and situations, hence our team of experts come handy in such tricky situations.

While all this will be going on in the foreground, our team will also build you a scalable ecommerce infrastructure to collect data and withdraw analysis with time. We will ensure that the infrastructure provides features like flexible automation so that quick expansion entails.

All this preparation of launch and expansion will need a fail proof logistics plan. Our team will build you a strong network to handle all transactions at the local level. Also, we provide 24x7 support on every product you sell to build a global brand of repute and fame. So, hop on the international ecommerce bandwagon to make your brand an international trend.

Account Reactivation

We thoroughly investigate your account policy warnings, metrics, opinions, stock and correspondence with vendor performance team to ensure that all issues are addressed within our appeal letter.

We've helped vendors in cases. We've managed to reinstate accounts suspended months and years back. Our support team of experience professionals are dealing with Seller Suspended Accounts and getting them reinstated in the shortest possible time. We utilize the expertise of professional team who used to work in the Seller Performance Team and inspection Seller appeals, and they know how to compose Your appeal letter and action plan To get you back selling on e-commerce platform again.

Data Service & Analytics (MIS)

An explosive growth in the ecommerce becomes a fruitful reality when online businesses understand their customer behaviour well to strike the right chord while marketing a product(s).

The era of digital commerce has provided us with tools to guide each and every step while strategizing a successful campaign. One such tool is the huge amount of data received through online transactions and pay-outs. The analysis of this qualitative and quantitative data of the customer behaviour drives research and development to create better online experiences that translate into desired outcomes for the online sellers.

Valuable data is dispersed throughout the major online marketplaces to be collected and utilized in the form of a successful online strategy.

Plenty of times this data is wasted as either sellers are unable to understand the labyrinth of numbers, or they don’t have enough time to sit back and review. It turns out to be a major loss as sellers get out of touch of the current trends in the market.

An easy way to remain in sync with the latest market trends and customer behaviour is by outsourcing data analysis. While you closely look after your product(s), we at EMMCOMM can manage and analyse your data to procure the key towards growth and success.

EMMCOMM Data Service Advantage

With EMMCOMM’s Data Analytics Services you can observe statistical data in the form of graphs, histograms and line curves to understand day by day changes in the ecommerce industry and the direction required for the betterment of your products and services. These graphs are based on overall totals, different accounts, brands, product name, ASIN or SKU etc.

You also get to keep a close look on the pay-out periods on different online marketplaces in sync with your account, brand and product line.

Easy access and search of customers and transactions with contact information such as phone number, emails and addresses are also a perk of data services at EMMCOMM. This list can further be filtered by brand, products, ASIN and SKU to reveal demographic information about the (potential) customers.

For better understanding, an easily accessible and searchable list of orders is also part of the service where you can observe orders from buyers. This list can be further sorted by the number of purchases to strategize the best way to make a repeat order through display ads and online marketing.

By acquiring our data services, you will be able to track down market performance through a close scrutiny of click-thru rates (CTR), ad impressions and cost-per-click (CPC)

In short, our data analytics will enable you to have a better grasp on the market performance of your brands and product lines by collecting all the dispersed data on a single platform for the ease of access.

Offshore Staff Leasing

Offshore staff leasing solutions help your business to grow by ensuring maximum productivity with up to 70% cut down on labour and operational costs.

Offshore staff leasing is a unique business delivery model which has three major parts: the firm, the staff leasing agency and the contractual employees. The idea is very simple in this efficient model wherein the staff leasing agencies become co-employer with the firm to provide excellent employees fit for the firm’s business type. It is a contractual relationship which is often considered as a win-win proposition for all the three parts of the model as everyone gets to do what they are expert in. While EMMCOMM lines up the potential candidates for interview, you can handpick those who you would like to hire. An Operations Supervisor will also be provided to you for managing the third-party employees in our office for the sake of convenience in attendance, metrics etc.

Benefits of Offshore Staff Leasing:

Talent Management:   By becoming EMMCOMM’s partner, your business will have an access to a large talent pool with varying levels of experience beginning with entry level to the managerial level. With our dedicated team ready to meet your business requirements, you will no longer have to worry about hiring, administration, space costs, and workstations. You can hire professionals for:

Account Manager for multiple marketplaces Listing and Cataloguing Graphic Designing and Image editing Social Media Marketing Advertisement Optimization for multiple marketplaces.

Cost Cutting As mentioned before, by creating a virtual staff with this commendable business model you can cut on labour and operational costs up to 70% Flexible Operations We operate to cover all time zones, which allows your business a 24/7 operational lead time. With our customer support decked with trained e- commerce executives, your customers will receive a full-time support adding to your brand credential. We support Amazon, eBay, flipKart, Snapdeal, PayTm, Shopclues, Myntra, Jabong and Pepperfry.

Partner with EMMCOMM and get your competitive edge today.

Drop Shipping

EMMCOMM provides drop shipping services in India to online sellers, the online sellers does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to EMMCOMM, EMMCOMM ships the goods directly to the customer.

EMMCOMM Drop Shipping Process

  • Add product listings to their Amazon.in using product ASIN
  • Get orders
  • Make a payment for the product & bypass easyship address to EMMCOMM
  • EMMCOMM fulfil orders & send acknowledgement
  • Seller get money from Amazon.in (as per the Amazon.in guidelines)

Sell your products online through EMMCOMM without registration

EMMCOMM largest online marketplace, Connecting manufacturers, Suppliers With buyers. Specifically designed for online sellers. As a member, you can purchase / sell thousands of items, at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities.

Currently we are dealing with the manufacturers, suppliers who supplying following categories- Creative Products, Health & Personal Care, and Food & Beverages, Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies, Bed & Bath, Kitchen & Dining, Office Products & Stationery,etc...EMMCOMM is currently serving businesses in LUCKNOW.